Doing WordPress The Right Way

Free Tools That Help Optimize WordPress Sites

Developers find WordPress to be an amazing platform. Old and new users are treated to a variety of plug-in that makes optimization an easy process. With the numerous options available, it is important to learn of the best available options to use for amazing results.

In order to generate traffic on the web, use of SEO is a common approach. Basically WordPress is SEO friendly factor that makes it an ideal choice for the majority. Using Yoast SEO is the best approach to maximize the potential of a website. Using this plug-in offers the best free options used in the improvement of blogs and WebPages. It comes with an exceptional feature to track the performance of the content on Google.

The loading speed of a webpage is a factor that visitors always consider with fast loading pages always getting more visitors. Enhancement of speed is done through the use of Smush image compression and optimization plug-in. The best plug-in to use in speed optimization is the Smush image compression and optimization. Using this plug-in helps compress the images to a size that does not affect the loading speed of a page.

Using links to give direction to content outside the page is common. The size of the link and position at which they are placed are features that affect the page’s appearance. Pretty Links is the ideal tool that helps customize the links to fit the page design. The custom links, however, connect visitors to the original website or content.

Performance of a webpage is a determinant in the required developments for the future. The best plug-in to use for this undertaking the Google Analytics for WordPress. In what looks like a tedious and tricky process, this process makes it easy and convenient for all users.

Spam form part of the common challenges that website owners face. Attacks by the spam often makes the page to be filled with unwanted information and thus should be avoided. Website owners, however, can benefit from use of Akismet Antispam to keep the spam at bay. Using this plug-in ensures the page remains clean of any spam messages.

With online content, backing up the content is essential. The site going down is a major risk to losing all that it contained. UPDRAFTPLUS plug-in is the convenient tool to ensure everything is safely backed up. It works further to ensure content is backed-up in cloud settings.

Use of emails messages is common in sharing information with visitors. The high number, however, makes this a tedious task and in some instances costly and discover more. The solution to this issue lies with use of Mailchimp plug-in for WordPress users. Alongside making the process easy and fast, it is also free to use and send mail making it a perfect choice for marketers and click here for more.